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Picture Book Illustrator

Bring Your Book To Life

As the founder and sole illustrator of Erin Richardson Designs, I take great pride in providing top-notch children's book illustration services to authors and publishers alike. My passion for illustration and story-telling is evident in every project I work on, and I always strive to create enchanting and captivating images that bring stories to life.

A great children’s book relies heavily on its illustrations to capture the imagination of young readers and transport them into worlds full of adventure and discovery. Good illustrations are essential for any children’s book author or publisher looking to create a successful story, as well as for creating an emotional connection with the audience.

Illustrations can be used to bring a story to life and add elements of creativity and imagination that words alone cannot convey. A great illustrator will be able to capture the atmosphere of a scene or character in such a way that even young readers are able to understand it without having to read the text. Illustrations also provide a visual representation of the plot and characters, helping readers to better connect with the story.

I believe that every story should be told in its own unique way, and that’s why I work closely with every client when creating illustrations for a book. As a children’s book illustrator, it is my responsibility to bring the words on the page to life in a way that is both beautiful and captivating.

When creating illustrations for a new story, I work closely with the author or publisher to ensure that their vision is accurately represented. This might involve discussing details such as color palettes and style elements or offering advice on how to best bring out certain nuances within the text.

Once we’ve established the general principles of our collaboration, I will then begin to create the illustrations. My goal is always to bring something special and unique to each illustration in order to make it truly stand out from the rest. I use a variety of traditional media such as watercolor and pencils, as well as digital tools like Photoshop and Illustrator to craft my artworks.

My hope is that by creating illustrations that are both beautiful and captivating, I can help bring the stories of our clients to life in a way that their readers will never forget.


Whether you're just getting started on your first book or are a seasoned author looking for a fresh and creative perspective, I am dedicated to working closely with you to ensure that your vision is fully realized.

So why choose Erin Richardson Designs? With my extensive experience and attention to detail, you can rest assured that your book will be in skilled and capable hands. Let's work together to create a timeless piece of art that will delight readers for years to come.

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