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Erin Richardson

As a lifelong artist, I grew up daydreaming how I could bring my art to the world.   I spent many hours  with my nose in books, scouring the many details in all the artwork, delighting in the ways I could interpret what I was discovering.  I couldn't wait to get back to my desk to draw.   I suppose this helped me arrive to the thing I love the most...telling visual stories through illustration.

My intentions are to inspire the child within, touch an emotional chord in those who are seeking inspiration, and hopefully create a doorway to which one wants to return.   

Follow me on my creative journey!  I work hard to ensure I am adaptive to new ideas and I approach each project with complete enthusiasm and total dedication. 

If I am not drawing, you can find me testing a new recipe in the kitchen, training in the gym, hiking the Rocky Mountains, or spending time with my loved ones.   

Thank you for visiting! 

Skipping In The Rain
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